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President Serzh Sargsyan Convenes National Security Council Meeting

27 / 06 / 2017

Chairman of National Security Council (NSC), President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan convened today a meeting of the National Security Council to discuss issues arising from the NSC program of activities for 2017.
The agenda featured the draft concept for the management of natural resources and the further improvement of the food security situation in the Republic of Armenia. The meeting next discussed the recent developments in the Middle East and their impact on Armenian communities. Information on this issue was provided by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia.
The Council approved the draft concept for the management of natural resources as presented by Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Ashot Manukyan. The Concept focuses on the use and protection of mineral resources, land, forests, water resources, as well as the conceptual revision of public policies in the sphere of biodiversity in order to establish priorities consonant with modern requirements.
The concept articulates the objectives of activities in this area, the principles and objectives of State regulation, as well as the priority areas for improving and updating the natural resource management system. The main goal of the document is the formation and development of a unified natural resource management system with the aim of raising the level of environmental safety in the country, providing an enabling and prosperous environment to meet the vital needs of present and future generations through better management of biodiversity and natural resources.
Following the discussion of the concept, the President of the Republic instructed the NSC Secretariat to finalize the draft concept within a week’s time based on the suggestions made at the meeting and submit it for approval as prescribed by law.
Minister of Agriculture Ignaty Arakelyan dwelt on the situation in the field of food security and the problems of its further improvement. The Council took note of the reports made by the co-rapporteurs - Minister of Economic Development and Investments Suren Karayan and Minister for Emergency Situations David Tonoyan.
Based on the results of the discussion, the Government was instructed to ensure the proper implementation of the Action Plan for 2017-2021, which stems from the provisions of the RA Food Security Concept as approved by the relevant decree of the President of the Republic of Armenia, with a focus on the sharp increase in the level of food security and the imperative of providing modern and high-quality services to the population
It was also instructed to take steps towards implementing effective measures aimed at preventing damage to agriculture caused by hail and other natural and climatic disasters and, taking into account international experience, submit proposals within two months to discuss the methodology for determining the composition, structure and energy value of the consumer survival kit and the expediency of amending the RA law “On consumer life-support kit and life-support family budget.” Measures have to be taken to activate the insurance system introduction process in agriculture.
After taking note of the Foreign Minister’s report on Middle East developments and their impact on the Armenian communities, the President stressed that Armenia’s main concern is of course the security and well-being of Diaspora-based Armenian communities, their cultural and educational activities, as well as the religious and historical heritage. The President also instructed the Minister to continue taking measures to ensure our compatriots’ well-being and security in the Middle East, meet the needs of Syrian Armenian refugees, as well as preserve our people’s religious, historical and cultural heritage.
Another instruction was issued prompting those responsible to continue working with partner countries and international organizations with a view to ensuring continuity in the assistance provided to Syrian Armenians and stand ready to respond to any further adverse development while strengthening and deepening Armenia’s traditionally close relations with the Arab countries.